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Just another day?

Just another day at the office (the ground)?

Not quite anymore….Take Tuesdays’ Pro Series as an example. Match played between two KNCB sites. We know the routine by now, of course, having hosted such games dozens of times. Groundstaff prepares wicket, venue manager and some support in clubhouse for smooth run. Average age of these volunteers until recently well over sixty.  How different now! The torrential rains in preceding days caused a lot of work on Monday and Tuesday and what a great sight to see more than ten juniors and younger seniors helping out with the preparations early in the morning. And once the match got started, they moved 5 tonnes (!) of clay (for maintenance of square at end of season) from pallets into the container, took shifts in the clubhouse, kept the scoreboard electronically ticking and assisted behind bar and for lunch. Friends came over as well to add to the fun of what used to be an ordinary day. Rejuvenation of the growing (!) army of volunteers gives a wonderful spark to the club life at large. So thank you all for your highly appreciated help, on behalf of the older volunteers and the club.

Just another away match at VRA?

Absolutely not! And where to start? ….  in a hard  fought match VRA with all its experience beaten  by our flagship team with an average age just under 20. Nine of them played (and play!)  in our junior teams and they all contributed to the victory. On a sweltering day tonnes of energy in the field until the very last over, dogged resistance against top class bowling first and a timely acceleration in the last overs for a well deserved victory later. Great to see the response from legend Peter Borren as he acknowleged Viv and Aryan for their unbroken wicket stand, to see how the team was congratulated by its fan base. We easily outnumbered the VRA supporters. A curtailed season as we all know, but what a progress has been made and what a joy to see them play with so much intent and  in a great team spirit. Two more matches and one or more T20’s, do  join us for some proper cricket and even more support!

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  • Het was “slechts” 3 ton klei. 3000 kg. Maar dat maakt de prestatie er niet minder om. Fantastisch!