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Keep Voorburg CC strong! Please contribute to ‘Friends of VCC’

Dear VCC supporters,

VCC’s Club of 100, which consists of loyal supporters who enable additional training and coaching activities for the youth, has changed its name to VRIENDEN VAN VCC (Friends of VCC).

In 2019 we would like to ask you for a small favour and contribute something extra to VCC’s youth coaching. You can do so on IBAN: NL34ABNA0967776902 in the name of ‘P. de Leede inzake Vrienden van VCC’ at Leidschendam.

This club finances cricket materials and coaching. Over the past ten years, VCC has had great success thanks to this informal club that makes an important contribution to the continuity of VCC.

Every time we think VCC cannot surpass the performance of the previous season, we are again pleasantly surprised!  After all, in 2018 we celebrated a record number of Championships.

Our ladies team won their first ever national T20 title by beating Quick on the very last ball of the final. Our first men’s team were the convincing champions of the Hoofdklasse. That means that after several years of absence our flagship is now active again on the highest national level.

Also nice is that several players in the VCC selections are younger than twenty. These players (m/f) have been trained by VCC through the Club of 100, now Vrienden van VCC. We cannot thank you enough for this, because it is precisely this fact that sets VCC apart from other clubs.

Our youth teams also booked fine results in 2018. The U13 were national champions, while this team was largely made up of ten year olds! Our U11 and U17 also won national titles. The U15 were indoor champions and runner-up in the outdoor competition.

All teams played with pleasure, pride and enthusiasm. Every year we register at least one team per age group, which are managed by qualified cricket coaches. Everyone contributes to the team result.

We are very much looking forward to the remainder of the 2019 season and hope to see you this summer along the boundary!

With warm regards,

Tim and Patrick de Leede