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Masterclass bowling from Charu (6 v 6 in 6!) gives VCC Zomi an easy win over ACC

On a not so sunny day and a horrible field (did they forgot to mow the lawn) at Sportpark ‘t Loopveld ACC won the toss and opt to bat first. Just like last match the Shetty brothers would open the bowling for VCC Zomi. The first few overs bowled looked very promising and the fielding was accurate so runs were very hard to come by. ACC just managed to produce 9 runs after 3 overs and pressure was already building. Some chances for a run out were not taken, but Pranay struck in the fourth and clean bowled the first batsmen, took the second wicket two overs later helped by a great one handed catch from Rutger. ACC at that time were 15 for 2. After that it looked like a small partnership was about to grow, but taking too many risks when running, batsman number three was run out (it had to happen, ACC score 35/3/11). It was time Charu had a bowl and boy did he gave a masterclass. Six wickets for six runs in six overs. All six batsmen cleanly bowled. You can say Charu’s form of way back in the old days is coming back. Everybody on the field enjoyed watching such a great display. In between there were some extra runs (wides, no balls} and we should not forget the wicket taken by Suresh which left a final score of 48 all out in 20 overs for VCC ZOMI to chase after lunch. A very good team effort by VCC Zomi.

The run chase started after a very early lunch. With not so many runs too chase Richard and Ravi were given the opportunity to open the batting. Some lovely shots from Ravi in the first overs found the boundary. But just as you think things are going your way, wickets fall. Richard was cleanly bowled and Rene run out one run later. The score at that time for VCC was 15 for 2 and equal to ACC’s. This match was not won yet by any means. Ravi gave away two catch changes and was very lucky not to be out. From that point on Ravi played himself in and managed to produce a lot of two’s well backed up by Lennaert, whom finally was LBW for 8. VCC Zomi at that time only needed just 8 runs to win. Ravi finally lost his wicket being stumped after a wild slash at the ball when scores were level. Finally Pranay hit the winning runs. VVC Zomi final score 52/4 in 15 overs.