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Verslagen VCC 2

Punjab 2 – VCC 2 (11/06/2022): Exciting till the very end!

We started the first innings with the bat. Alongside our openings batsman Harry, was Sajjad aka Mr. Firework, to make good use of this small ground during the powerplay. Unfortunately the fireworks never took off🥲. In came boef and started a strong, 59 runs, lefthanded partnership with Harry. Everything seemed under control until the fall of Harry’s (39) wicket. After 2 more quick dismissals, a trademark VCC 2 collapse was in sight.However, Floris had other plans. He picked up where Harry left off. After yet another great partnership of 79 runs boef got caught scoring 69 runs (very nice).

After Boef’s dismissal Flo was so kind to get out on 47 runs (or got run out, this is still an ongoing debate), owning the team a crate for 50 avoidance🍻. Nearing the end of the 50 overs, Babette (16) and Reehan (17) managed to score some very important runs. After a good first innings, we managed to score a total of 216 runs. Only time could tell if the score was high enough on this small ground.

The second innings started very strong. With our openings bowlers Sajjad en Navjot. They bowled the first 12 overs taking 4 wickets (2 wickets each) and bowling a combined total of 4 maidens and 1 wicket maiden🔥. This great bowling got backed-up by some good fielding from Nirav and Stijn (the latter is holding a world record for most catches (3) and drops (3) combined in a single cricketmatch😅). This looked to be an easy victory but Punjab had only just begun.
After a few good over from Floris, Ricky and Reehan, Punjab decided to accelerate to make up for their rocky start.
And that is exactly what they did, managing to come very close to our total. Only needing 10 runs from the last over with just 1 wicket remaining 😬. Luckily for us, Punjab thought that the last over was hit and run. Which gave us the last wicket after a good run-out from Shirsak.

After one of the most exciting games of the season we managed to hold on to the win!

We never stopped believing and kept giving 100%. This effort and willpower, combined with a good plan and neat bowling, batting and fielding brought a very deserved win.

~ Stijn