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So we simply handed them the title, VCC Zami – HCC (0 – 2)

Double the points after 22:30 and 5+ pints

The last day of the tour de France coincided with the visit of HCC. Out of tradition and respect, Geraint Thomas would not be challenged during the last stage to victory. Zami too, is strong on tradition and respect but as captain Ivo said, the rivalry, if not the quality, between HCC and Zami is similar to Real Madrid and Barcelona, so no victory parade would be given.

Floris had requested a bat first match, had he inspected the pitch and swing conditions or was he hungover from the night before? Either way, we bowled first, and to be exact, who else but Floris bowled first. Martin Koster was to enjoy perhaps career best bowling figures. More wickets than wides from 7 excellent overs. 4-22, fantastic stuff. Debutant Prakash chipped in with 2 himself. When I say debutant, I don’t mean Zami debutant, or even Dutch debut, I mean cricket debutant. I somehow doubt my cricket debut was as good as this. Michael Bacon was tidy and until a late flurry, we looked to have them in the palm of our hands as they struggled to reach 100. However, 137 all out was the final total, from 34 overs.

In the previous match, we batted badly against Concordia and this time we had no Sander or Marek in the ranks. But 138 to win was gettable-that is if you don’t slip to 20-6. Game effectively over, despite a recovery of sorts. So HCC wrapped up the title, as did the pride of Wales, Geraint Thomas. Thankfully for all, the other pride of Wales, Aled wasn’t in the bar to tell us all about it. Sport though never ends; it was not long before the Zami Olympics took centre stage.


~ Tom