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Thank you Club of 100!

130610 esther babette julia Ladies and gentlemen, dear VCC supporters, We would like to thank you very much for your contribution to the Club of 100. On the VCC website you can continuously read how many youth teams we now have and how they perform. More importantly, the VCC youth play with lots of fun and sportsmanship. At VCC, we have a clear vision on the development of the club. A key point is that VCC will try to play on the highest possible level, on our own strength. A second point is that everyone should contribute to the end result. So we do not let our best batsmen and bowlers do all the work. And finally: girls are just as important for VCC as boys (see photo)! The results of your contributions have never been so obvious. Some 90 youth members, who move on to the various senior teams. Fourteen players are included in national youth selections, half of them girls! And last but not least 18 year-old Viv Kingma, coming from our own youth, has been selected for the Netherlands cricket team! We are much obliged to you for your support and hope to announce more positive news about VCC and the Club of 100 shortly. With warm regards, on behalf of the Board, Tim & Patrick de Leede

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