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That’s a play well played… Qui Vive 4 – VCC 2

The winning team - VCC 2

Curtain raises, Scene 1.

Captain Sono : Should we field or bat first boys?

Rest of Team: Field Sono, we should field.

Cut to toss; VCC win and the captain chooses to bat…

Openers Harold and Alyan walk to the wicket across an outfield that looks like a paddock where horses follop and vollue to amuse themselves. It’s a pity these horses didn’t eat any of the grass. Returning to the batsmen, neither stay in long.

They are replaced by Rashid and Aryan, neither stay in long. In total, two direct hit run outs, two ducks a two and a nine so far.

They are replaced by Atif Aziz and Ahsan, partnership of over 50 including two classic sixes from Atif and a brutal heave for a flat six from Ahsan. Atif top scored with 31, Ahsan 15.

They are replaced by Ashish, Sono, Faisel, Aled and Dinusha. They scored 10 runs between them but more importantly it was lovely to see them.

So, bowled out for 103 after 33 overs, Mr Wide top scored with 32.

Scene 2

Qui Vive politely stroll out to bat not realizing two frenzied rabid opening bowlers were waiting to greet them. Two down, both clean bowled after 3 overs, one apiece to Faisel and Sono.

The warm welcome for the batters was relentless, number 3 clean bowled – Faisel, number 4 a direct hit run out when running to a misfield, not realizing that Atif has an Exocet missile for an arm.

Bowler change Ashish and Dinusha enter the frey, the crowd went silent in anticipation. Ashish took wickets, Dinusha bowled dot after dot after dot after (you get the picture).

Faisel replaces Dinusha, what a bowling change, he takes two in two.

Scene 3.

Qui Vive, chasing 103 are on 90 for 9. Ashish is bowling, edge to slip – dropped, edge to slip – dropped, edge to Gully – Dropped.

Sono bowls. 6 dots.

Ashish bowls, first ball smacked for 4, second ball outside edge taken by the handsome wicket keeper. Game over!… but no what’s this, the batsman stood his ground and didn’t walk….. “Words were exchanged” that is all I will say.

Next ball, plum as the plummest plum pudding with plum rum and plums on Christmas day. Howzaat!!!!!!!!?

Out, LBW.

VCC 2 win by 9 runs defending 103.
Faisel 5 for 35 in 10
Sono 1 for 20 in 9
Ashish 3 for 18 off 7
Dinusha 0 for 9 off 5
Jolly good fun all in all!


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