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Unbeaten record U14 partnership Michael and Aarav: 157/0

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Michael and Aarav began quietly and well-concentrated. Helped by a number of wides the total increased steadily. As the boys got more confident they started to play some shots. The communication and running between the wickets improved, and so did the score.

Although there were some run out chances as the innings went on, HCC were unable to capitalise. Michael and Aarav were now really motoring, turning good balls into singles and hitting bad balls to the fence. Michael even hit a six, helped by the fielder who did his utmost to cling on to the catch!

Michael hit the second final ball to the fence when he was on 48 but somehome did not take the second run which would have given him a well-deserved 50. Now Aarav who was on 49 had a chance to reach his 50 and did so with a blistering two. At the end of our 30 overs HCC were facing a massive target of 158!

HCC started off pretty well but our bowling and fielding was a bit more disciplined than theirs. Moreover we took a wicket every now and then which put some pressure on their new players coming to the crease. Today our catching was good: Michael 2x, Tanay, Guus and Aarav all took good catches. Guus took 1-25, Thomas 1-15, Oliver 1-7. Annemijn (2-15) and Aarav (2-19) both took two wickets.

A very special day as Michael and Aarav roughly doubled their season tallies as well as their batting averages.

The fact that we beat Sparta, Excelsior and HCC proves that we have improved a lot over the season. On September 11 we will play at finals day; details will follow.


Photo: team runs out to congratulate the record breakers