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Usman Malik returns to VCC after two decades!

Voorburg Cricket Club (VCC) is excited to announce the return of Usman Malik to the club after an absence of 20 years. Usman will take on the role of player/coach for VCC 2, with the ambition of maintaining their position in the Hoofdklasse.

Following the departure of Emiel Bam, who got a well-deserved new role at the KNCB, the club was in search of a strong character to fill the void left behind. We are extremely thankful for all the work Emiel has done over the last few years and wish him all the best in his exciting new role at the KNCB.

However, it is with great enthusiasm that we can share that the club has found Usman Malik willing to fill this crucial role. Usman’s primary mission will be to mentor our second team, which boasts a wealth of young and talented players, on and off the field. Next to that, Usman has showed in the last couple of years playing for Kamping that he is still a great player both as batter and bowler.  Last year, despite an injury, he still managed to help Kampong into the play-offs for promotion to Topklasse by taking 15 wickets and scoring 252 runs.

The board and technical committee are delighted to welcome Usman back to VCC, and are excited to see Usman wear the red and blue VCC kit once more. Usman’s extensive experience with the Dutch cricket leagues will be a great asset to our club. Many will recall his instrumental contribution to VCC 1’s championship in 2002 (see picture below), taking 15 wickets and 359 runs in our first ever championship.

We are confident that Usman’s return will not only inspire our players but also strengthen our team as we strive for success in both VCC 1 and 2 in the upcoming season. Welcome back, Usman!

Usman Malik for VCC in 2002 (top right)
Usman Malik for VCC in 2002 (top right)