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VCC 2 – Groen & Wit 2 (25/06/2022): No time for errors

The first good news of the day was, that we had umpires!! (Well only one of them came but still good news!). VCC cheered this as we were going to have a fair game (as we hadn’t yet forgotten our previous match with Groen & Wit without umpires…). Next to this, a large Indian cultural day was going on at the club, which provided a very nice atmosphere at the club!

Groen & Wit won the toss and went on to bat first, only to know that Sajjad had a good breakfast and he was bowling fast and furious, and some of his deliveries were unplayable, perhaps they regretted it later. Ricardo on the other end bowled a very economical spell only conceding 5 runs in his 5 overs. Amrit and Floris also bowled economical spells with a wicket a piece each, with Sajjad finishing his fiery spell with a 4-wicket haul. And Rehan chipped in with 2 wickets. A quick and very professional session from VCC 2, rushing through the batting order of Groen & Wit 2 and showing that we belong at the top of this league.

116 runs were set as the target, not a big total on a relative flat wicket at our lovely main ground. Babette and Jakes went on to open. Jakes went out early and Babette contributed with 12 runs, after that, it was all Alyan’s show, Boef played some very nice shots all across the ground and made unbeaten 55 runs. Nirav contributed with 11 and Rehan made a quick fire 21 not out to finish the game within 22 overs. A convincing win for the boys and girl in red and blue. We keep on marching!