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VCC 4 (Zomi’s) finally steps up

Afbeelding van Richard de Lange
After the game the match data are being analysed…

After losing to HCC last week, VCC  4 went in as total different team. They had the momentum going on from even before the Ajax loss, but the last two matches just gave the feeling the team missed out on crucial moments. This time VCC4 left nothing to luck.

VCC 4 started the batting, they started cautiously with the first 3 overs just bringing 5 runs. This cautious start payed off, as within 11 overs VCC had already reached 50 runs.  After Rama getting bowled by the economic Vogelaar, who just gave 13 runs in 7 overs, on 33 scores the innings stalled a bit. All middle order batsmen made good starts, but due to some fine  catching and fielding from Kampong they could not convert them into big scores. Tim stood out especially during his partnership with Mark, Tim topscored with 40 runs at a crucial moment for the team. The lower order helped the team with some valuable runs with Collin giving the finishing touch as the team ended with a total score of 161.

Even though the score looked chaseable during lunch, VCC finished it off clinically.  Starting with a spirited bowling effort from Prem and Shujah which had the opposition at 13 runs for a loss after 5 overs.  The momentum was kept on by the first change bowlers, within 3 runs at the start of the 7th over almost whole Kampongs middle over fell. They tried to rebuild which they looked like succedding but when VCC led by Kaushal’s impeccable line and length again took 3 wickets for less than 3 runs, finishing 5/3/4. Kampong’s inning looked over. Their last 3 still stayed for 20 more runs, but at 67 they were all bowled out.

That match was played in an exceptionally good spirit from both sides on a sunny day, exactly what VCC Zomi is all about.