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VCC-ACC: That’s not Zomi cricket!

We lost the toss and we had to start in the field. The grass was long and therefor the outfield was
slow. Our total line-up consisted of the 12 men and this gave us the opportunity to rotate fielders.
This was very efficient as Charu rotated out and prepared lunch. Very convenient.

The bowling and fielding (sometimes with the help of the long grass) was tight and ACC was not able
to accelerate during their batting innings. Only their opening batsmen made a decent score of 63,
number two top scorer were the extra’s: 24 in total. Memorable moment in the field was a running
catch from Vishal in the deep at long on. Marc took 4 v 20 and Colin, Dinesh and Vishal bowled all
very economical. ACC finished at 147 v 9 after 35 overs. The score looked achievable, however the
outfield was still slow.

After lunch (thank you again Charu) Guus and Charu opened the batting. It became quickly clear that
the bowling attack of ACC was in perfect order and our scoring was quite slow. Also the game itself
progressed slowly as ACC was constantly talking in the field, making late changes in field placing, still
talking during the bowlers run up etc (#needsomeRitalin©?). It lead to some incidents which were
“not cricket”. We lost quickly some wickets, however in the middle order Rob d’Ancona steadied the
ship a little and made a nice score of 24 before he was caught. The bowling and fielding of ACC (they
did not miss one catching opportunity, six catches in total) remained tight and VCC never had a
chance to win this game. VCC finished at 88 all out after 31.3 overs. The lead bowler of ACC finishing
with 2 v 9 (including five wides!) in 5.3 overs.

All in all a mixed bag this Sunday afternoon.