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VCC U11A: Early roadtrip to Vught!

First of all, VCC won the match against MOP! 148 vs. 125. VCC team consisting of a mix of team A and B: Branko, Angel, Pranav, Jayden, Samanth and Tavish.

MOP batted first with a team consisting of U11, but also some U9 talents. VCC bowling was stong and accurate with four players bowling a wicket (Jayden, Branko, Pranav and Tavish) and I counted just four wides (in 20 overs) !👌🏻 One wicket and two more run outs (one on the 2nd ball of the whole game) made for the total of 7 “out’s”.👍🏻 However, quite strong batting from MOP, especially in the 19th over, where their top striker scored 6x a “4” (two of which after not hitting (bye+4): strong bowling by Jayden 😀🤷🏼‍♂️). Then, the interval took a little longer due to a car on fire 🔥 on a nearby parking lot(!)

2nd innings…

VCC batting well, despite 7x bowled out and 2x run-out by MOP. Strongest batting pair was our VCC “B” players that were helping us out: Samanth and Tavish, the latter with 37 runs from the bat and the only “6’er” in the whole match💪🏻💪🏻. All in all, a really nice match, played in good harmony on a nice sunny morning ☀️ in Vught.

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