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VCC U15 just one wicket short for the golden medal

The indoor season did come to an end this weekend. After weeks of competition, our U15 was ranked second and did qualify for the semi-finals. Where the season started very well with 5 consecutive victories the last matches did bring only losses. Our opponent in the semi-final was Kampong, whereas the other semi-final was HBS – VOC. As we lost the previous 2 matches against Kampong it promised to become a tough match. We did choose to start batting and had difficulties setting a score. In the opening overs, we lost a few wickets and couldn’t get many runs on the scorecard. Stefan and Tom did finally find the rhythm and managed to get 62/3 as end score. As Kampong showed last time to have a strong batting team, it was doubtful if the target would be good enough. But VCC has great bowling capabilities. After Miraj and Ger did take the first wickets, Alejo and Manoj both did take even two wickets. Due to good wicketkeeping by Aarush Kampong finished with only 45/7 and the Final was reached.

As expected our opponent in the Final was HBS. Again we started batting. Stefan and Ger had a hard opening. But Tom managed to accelerate, supported by Miraj after Aarush and Alejo went out as well. Just like the first match, we ended with 62 runs but this time we lost 5 wickets. HBS had a dream start. Helped by some miscommunication HBS got even a few 5’s on the scorecard. But after the first wicket fell VCC started with a catch-up. The run rate of HBS dropped. With only 6 runs in the last two overs, HBS ended as well with 62 runs. As HBS lost only 4 wickets they did win with 1 wicket (3 runs) difference. Although it was sour to be so close to first place, the boys can be really proud of winning the silver medal!