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VCC U15 lost its pole-position for the Finals

The U15 indoor competition almost did come to an end. Four afternoons full of indoor cricket are completed. Only the Finals weekend on Sunday 25 March is still to come. Our U15 team did start the first two legs of the indoor competition very strongly, resulting in five wins in a row. Unfortunately, the next two rounds were less successful. Rounds 3 and 4 did only bring losses. Where our opponents did play almost every match with the same 7 to 8 players, we used not less than 15 different players. It was good to see new VCC member Manoj playing all four match days. His dad Krishnan was eager as well to help out with scoring and providing transport to Utrecht. It is really good to have new enthusiastic members!! Due to the many personnel changes the team was not an oiled machine. But the bright side is at least a lot of players did experience the indoor competition. After all that is most important.

Due to our good start to the competition, we are still qualified for the final weekend. Although not all results are in yet, it looks like top-ranked HBS will play in the first semi-final against VOC and VCC will compete with Kampong for the second ticket for the final. Kampong will be a tough nut to crack as last match we were overwhelmed by their batting power. But a new round, a new opportunity. Let’s see if we can peak next week once more.

The players who did bring us to the finals:

Name – Legs Played

Manoj 4
Stefan 3
Ger 3
Alejo 3
Steve 3
Aarush 3
Philip 2
Tom 2
Soham 2
Harsh 2
Aryan B 1
Aarin 1
Miraj 1
Sri 1
Vinay 1