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Voorburg Zomi’s versus Qui Vive met een Neymarcje

Photo: NeyMarc recovers his dignity after dropping himself

Voorburg’s Zomi’s earned a comfortable 87-run win over Qui Vive on Sunday, thanks to some memorable batting and bowling, and some excellent comedy moments.

Guus surprised everyone by actually winning the toss and put the Wizened Old Men into bat first, getting the show on the road with Rutger in the opening partnership. ‘The Bruvvers’ did pretty well, getting the 50 up between them on the hour, including some lovely fours on the Voorburg back field.

Guus had a lucky escape on a near run-out that provided a lively debate on whether this was possible if the fielder hit the wicket with his foot, but only one bail fell off. Other technicalities about this peculiarity of this cricket rule that opened for debate included whether the ball was in the fielder’s hand at the time; whether the foot came before the batsman’s bat; whether a passing seagull had interfered with play, or whether there was an R in the month. However, Guus was eventually legitimately run out on 17, while Rutger was bowled shortly afterwards on 33, ending a fine partnership of 62, including extras.

Richard came in as No. 3 and partnered mostly with Dinesh, who notched up one of his finest innings to date, hitting a magnificent 46 (not out), including a number of quality fours. Richard was eventually bowled on 12 runs, putting in Marc “that’s not a dropped catch, John” Nota, who became quite determined to prove what a dropped catch actually looked like by being dropped twice.

Marc further proved the point by later dropping his entire self, falling over at the crease in an equal determination not to be run out. Amends were duly made though by hitting a superb six – the only one of the match – and earning 28 runs (not out) before the 35 overs were up. In the end, Voorburg achieved 168-3, including 32 extras, leaving Qui Vive all to play for.

After a scrumptious lunch provided by Robbie, the West Amsterdam side came into bat, and suffered immediate disaster when their opening batsman was caught in the slips by Marc on a fast ball from Charu, for a golden duck. Their second batsman didn’t last much longer, run out on zero runs, giving Charu two wickets for naught before he had even finished the first over.

The next seven batsmen achieved a very slow pace, with two falling to excellent catches at the boundary from Guus and Rutger, and others clean bowled by Colin, Dinesh, Lennaert and two from Vishal. With their batsmen falling like nine pins, a strategy of making the opposition die of thirst and heat exhaustion seemed to have become the Qui Vive policy, with a very late water break on 20 overs. Less than half of Voorburg’s score had been amassed by the time their last batsmen – a young teenager – came to the crease, needing to score over 80 runs in the remaining eight overs.

Comfortably ahead, and with victory in sight, it was safe to let John bowl. Having made his bowling debut with the Zami’s with some notoriety, delivering the worst over in Voorburg history, what could possibly go wrong? Teammates waited with baited breath, buttocks firmly clenched, to see what would transpire. The first three balls were fine, before nature took its course and five wides duly followed, which added to the three runs scored off a legitimate ball gave Qui Vive eight runs for the 11-ball over, or 10% of their entire score.

The innings ended even more dramatically when Qui Vive’s final batsman was run out by a ball thrown with such accuracy and force by Guus that it broke the middle stump.  The opposition only managed a total of 82 runs, of which 43 were extras, making our dodgy bowling comfortably their highest scorer. Still, job done.

In the traditional third innings, Dinesh celebrated one of his best performances this season by treating his teammates to some Caribbean rum, before attention turned to whether England would prevail in the World Cup. We hope so, yesh!




Robbie and Vishal get ready to bat – neither were needed The excitement is all too much for Robbie
Guus with the stump he broke on a run-out. Look what you did! Proost! Dinesh celebrates an excellent innings with some hooch