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Nieuws Verslagen VCC 2

VRA 3 – VCC 2 (2 juni 2013)

Willy cuts a ball (photo R. de Graaf)
Sunday the 2nd of June had all the signs of being a glorious day for the mighty Voorburg Vipers second 11! After having arrived on Friday and mad keen to represent the Voorburg blues, I was appointed stand-in/fly-in skipper as what looked like a very handy squad. After Saqib pulled out due to study commitments (all the best) I rocked up around 12ish to find we had 3 players there, Guidy, Mario and Sono. Soon we were joined by Joost and Ivo and it seemed that all the people who signed up to play would rock up sooner or later..then the good old Brainsy rocked up and told me that Daisy was unfortunately unavailable..adding to that, the juniors that were to complete the start studded line up, were still playing a few miles away against Red and White (comprehensive victory). After a quick phone call with Timmy it became apparent that Waseem was unable to play due to illness but forgot to mention this to anyone at the club (massive fine Wazzy!!). So eventually we started with 7 players and ‘borrowed’ three subs after having been put in to field after losing the toss (didn’t use the Sisty technique of calling heads when the coin is thrown over the head etc etc). Sono and Guidy got us off to a good start although one of their opening batsmen was somehow still able to get it through behind the wicket even though we had 3 gullies in place. Sono pretty soon struck and bowled one of their openers nicely. Pretty shortly after that Timothy de Leede drove the players bus in and 4 players including Tim joined the squad. To complete the team and drive down the average age of the team we had Bassie de Leede, Billy and Adriaan. VRA never really got any real partnerships going and some disciplined and tight bowling from us saw them restricted to only 183 runs on a field which was pretty damn quick and disciplined bating would see us home easily. The chase started with Guidy and Adriaan and after playing some good strokes Guidy was bowled playing across the line. This brought myself to the crease and after a few deliveries Adriaan and I put on a good starting partnership which looked like going all the way until a low delivery caught the inside edge of my bat and I got bowled playing on for 46 runs. Mario came to the crease and looked alright but quickly went out which brought Tim to the crease. With some fine stroke play Tim showed the youngsters how to continue putting pressure on the fielders and together with Adriaan steadied the ship again and looked good. Tim smashed a ball straight back to the bowler who, to his own amazement, did not see his soul being split in half but caught the ball. Timothy batted well for 23 runs and it was now up to Adriaan to steady the ship again and secure the victory. Joost, Sono and Billy came in but couldn’t stay with Adriaan long enough although Adriaan did end up scoring his well deserved and responsible 50 but eventually had to also depart .This brought to the crease the duo of Bertus and Bassie to guide us home. With 6 more runs required to win and the opening bowler from VRA back in the attack Bas stayed calm and composed and scored some valuable runs together with Bertus. On the second last ball we secured the tie and on the last ball 1 runs was required to win the game..Bertus on strike.Bassie ready to run on anything..the bowler runs in. Bertus tries to hit.misses..gets there good old fist pump out thinking that the ball might have been wide..Bassie running towards Bertus and actually standing next to him urging him to start running. The VRA keeper having collected the ball throws it to the bowlers end where there are 4 eager VRA fieldsman waiting to take this final wicket for the tie..the ball is travelling..Bertus running for his life..the fielder collects the ball.in 1 go.2 goes.3 goes..4 attempts required to collect the ball and throw at the stumps..Bertus nearing the line as the ball is underway…it misses the stumps.and no fielder is able to pick it up again and hit the wicket and Bertus is IN!!!! This means victory as umpire Tim raises his hand for the bye and the gathered crowds on the terrace of VRA can’t believe what has just happened (or could they not see due to the distance and wine consumed). The mighty Voorburg Vipers secure a very good team effort victory on the last ball of the innings on a beautiful, hot (Dutch standards) summer’s day! Let the Viper Venom secure more victories!!!=